Performance measures related to access to Community Mental Health Services

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Data Reports

Over time, this page will be populated with frequently requested data reports and/or reports submitted to our funders at the end of each quarter of each year.  You will be able to click on the links available to view these reports as they come available.

For requests to access data from The Access Point database, please follow the Policy as detailed below:

Policy and Protocols for Requests for Data

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to have a consistent way to respond to various types of requests for data from The Access Point.

Policy: It is the policy of The Access Point that all requests for aggregate data will be reviewed by the Database analyst and Director.  For requests for data involving Personal Health Information or record level data, requests will be reviewed by the Data and Technology Workgroup prior to release of any information. 

ProceduresData requests should come to the Data and Technology Workgroup by emailing your request (in the linked form) to  Incomplete forms will be returned to the requester.

Within the request for data, the following information must be included:

  • The name of the person and organization making the request, including contact information.
  • The reason for the request and how you plan to use the data.
  • The specific data elements being requested. For examples of what data is collected at The Access Point, please review the application form available at The Access Point is not able to draw reports on information not contained in the application form.
  • The time frame of the data requested. Please note the earliest date data is available is October 2013. 
  • The date information is needed.  Please be aware last minute requests cannot be fulfilled.  A minimum of two weeks is required however depending on the complexity of the request, this could take longer.  The Access Point office will confirm receipt of the request within 2 business days of submission of the request.

For Requests involving Personal Health Information the criteria below must also be satisfied in addition to the above:


For Requests involving Research, the criteria below must also be satisfied in addition to all the above:

  • Include how the requester will meet ethical standards, and will provide their ethics proposal submission and endorsement by a Research Ethics Board-REB (once it is received).
  • A plan to circle back to The Access Point to ensure the data is being interpreted correctly.

Important information to consider prior to making your request

The data will be provided in Comma Separated format (easily imported into Excel).

All requests for data will be provided in aggregate form, unless otherwise requested for research purposes where compliance with PHIPA and ethical standards has been satisfied.

Counts of less than 5 will be suppressed to protect confidentiality.

Reports will not be provided for requests for proposals for LHIN and City funding.

Aggregate data is available on our website on the data reports page; please review these reports before submitting any data requests as the information requested may already be available within these reports.

Depending on the complexity of the request, there may be a cost associated with the request based on the amount of projected hours it will take The Access Point staff to complete the work. 

February 2015