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Questions for consumer advocates

Questions for consumer advocates on the proposal to change to the mental health and addiction system in the Toronto area

These are the questions that were presented to the group of peer advocates in the Consumer Reference Group sponsored education sessions on the ‘future state’ proposal for consideration as ways to evaluate the proposal. We invite others to think about the proposal and to ask questions so that people’s voices are heard in these discussions.

  • How does the proposal address the growing waiting lists for services?
  • How can the ‘Future State’ proposal help maintain and improve the quality of supportive housing and mental health and addiction services? How will this new proposal help shift resources to the type of housing that people want?
  • How does re-alignment of system address the need increase the availability of services and housing?
  • Does the proposal speak to increasing the capacity of peer-run services in the system?
  • How might the model impact different groups of people seeking/using services/supports?
  • Where could consumer/client involvement ‘fit’ in the ‘Future State’?
  • How can current consumer involvement roles continue or change in the ‘Future State’?