The Consumer Reference Group

The Access Point has an advisory committee called the Consumer Reference Group (CRG). Consumer input is integral to ensuring The Access Point reflects and addresses the needs of the people it seeks to serve. The Consumer Reference Group is responsible for the provision of advice and guidance to The Access Point, its lead Agency and its Coordinator.  Involvement in the Consumer Reference Group requires attendance at quarterly meetings (4 times a year).  (See terms of reference below for more detail).

News from the CRG 

Members of The Access Point Consumer Reference Group learn and contribute to the rapid changes taking place in the mental health system in the Toronto area. Topics that have been reviewed include:

  • Plans by the system on how to make specific groups of people top priority for housing and services
  • Results showing how long people are waiting for housing and challenges in providing the type of places that people want to live in
  • Brainstorming ideas developed by system planners to improve the way people apply for services
  • Results of client satisfaction surveys of people’s experience using The Access Point services

Future topics to consider are:

  • Regular updates on results for waiting times for housing and individual services through The Access Point
  • How other system reforms, like Health Links, will have an impact upon people applying for community mental health services

Connecting Consumers

The CRG wants to connect with other groups of consumers to learn from each other and be better able to contribute to system change that works for consumers.

The Access Point is a network of many community and hospital mental health organizations across Toronto. Many of these have advisories or other ways that consumers/clients/tenants provide feedback on services.  If you’re a member of a client advisory group, we invite you to connect with the CRG.  Please get in touch at

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Applicant Bill of Rights

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